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Porsche Design and Eterna Divorce

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Porsche Design and Eterna are breaking up. The two venerable brands have enjoyed commercial success with through a licensing agreement that say Eterna design, develop, and manufacture popular, high-quality Swiss watches. “We truly valued our partnership with watch manufacturer Eterna. … Read More

David Beckham Becomes New Face of Breitling for Bentley

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The Breitling for Bentley marriage is already a star-studded one. Now the power couple is making it a Ménage à Trois, in a manner of speaking, by announcing that retired soccer superstar David Beckham is the new face of the collection. These advertisements … Read More

Officine Autodromo Watchmaker Inspired by Ferrari

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A couple of years back we posted about Officine Autodromo, an emerging watch company designed to please Italian car enthusiasts who like a little Swiss engineering thrown into the mix. The models are inspired by leading Italian cars from the 1960s … Read More

Hublot MP-05 Designed to Be Your Ferrari Cockpit Companion

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The Hublot MP-05 was designed in collaboration with Ferrari engineers to accompany drivers in their new LaFerrari super car. The top-of-the-line 1,000 hp Ferrari will go for a cool $1 million. As usual, Hublot is the antithesis of restraint with … Read More

An Officine Autodromo Watch Is Like an Italian Racing Car with a Swiss Motor

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  Officine Autodromo has released a set of self-described “motoring watches” sure to please the Italian car enthusiast with a taste for a little Swiss engineering. Each model is inspired by Italian racing cars from the glory years of the … Read More

TAG Heuer Finally Releases Monaco V4

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TAG Heuer’s Monaco V4 is finally coming to market, five years after it’s much lauded introduction as a concept watch. According to Jean-Christophe Babin, President and CEO of TAG Heuer, the watch took this long to perfect because of it’s … Read More

Autoblog’s Top 10 Car Watches

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It probably won’t surprise anyone to learn that people who like watches also tend to be car enthusiasts. With that in mind, the editors of the outstanding Autoblog put together a list of the Top 10 Car Watches. Some familiar … Read More

The Swiss (Watch) Smart Car Comes to the United States

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You may have seen the diminutive Smart car in your neighborhood but did you know that the Swatch Group was the original designer? The idea for the car was born in the 1990s out of a partnership between Daimler Benz … Read More

Tissot Introduces New Watch to Celebrate Danica Patrick’s Historic IndyCar Victory

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Danica Patrick’s victory in the Japan 300–the first female IndyCar winner in history– is getting big play on Tissot’s website. Patrick has been a brand ambassador to the Swiss watch company for three years and now Tissot is banking on … Read More

Swiss Made Hamilton’s Route 66 Watch Perfect for American Roads

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The newly release Hamilton U.S. 66 Power Reserve has a striking look that is sure to cater to auto enthusiasts. The case is evocative of a speedway, the strap looks fresh off a rubber tire, and the dial wouldn’t be … Read More