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Is Your Swiss Watch Shock Resistant?

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Many Swiss watches have a stamp on the back of the case to indicate how well the watch copes with mechanical shocks. But what does this really mean? As defined by the U.S. government, a watch is considered shock resistant … Read More

The Witherings Swiss Watch ‘Health Tracker’ Is the Nicest Smartwatch We’ve Seen

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If you are like us, then you are probably a bit tired of seeing fitness trackers that look about as elegant and subtle as strapping a small computer to your wrist. Now a French consumer electronics company, Withings, is entering … Read More

De Bethune DB29 Maxichrono Tourbillon Watch Stuns at Baselworld 2014

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One of the hottest places to visit at Baselworld is the De Bethune kiosk. The 12-year company is well known for its innovative spin on classic complications but the just launched DB29 Maxichrono Tourbillon represents a new milestone.  The limited … Read More

More Scenes from Baselworld 2014

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As Baselworld kicks into high gear, we’re back to bring our readers a little closer to the action. Here’s a few new photos from the world’s premiere watch fair. The show runs through April 3, 2014 and offers a unique overview … Read More

Bulova Launches Spaceview Inspired Accutron II Alpha Watch at Baselworld

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With a combination of retro flair and technical sophistication, Bulova has brought back a homage to one of its most notable watches, the beloved Spaceview Alpha (50th anniversary model pictured above). The new Bulova Accutron II Alpha features a floating second … Read More

Baselworld 2014: Tudor Adds Blue Variant to Heritage Black Bay Collection

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Tudor’s Heritage Black Bay has put the the brand back on the map by successfully combining a vintage look and feel—based on the original from 1954—with the very latest in watchmaking technology. Beginning in June, a midnight blue variant will … Read More

Baselworld 2014 in Photos

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The world’s biggest watch event, Baselworld, officially opened its doors Wednesday. Here’s a bird’s eye view from the inside and outside the event. As you can see from the photos, one of the stars of the event is the stunning … Read More

World’s Most Expensive Watch Unveiled at Baselworld

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London-based Graff Diamonds brought out the bling in a major way on Wednesday with the introduction of the world’s most expensive watch, the Graff Hallucination. The $55 million watch is said to be the brainchild of the firm’s founder and chair, … Read More

6 Reasons Why Patek Philippe and Rolex Hold Their Value Better Than Other Watches

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There’s an old adage that the minute you drive a new car off the lot, it depreciates instantly. The same is true of fine Swiss watches. But not all watches are created equal and some hold their value and even … Read More

How to Remove a Cyclops, Date Magnifier from Your Swiss Watch

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Many watch aficionados think that the appearance of watch dial can be enhanced with the removal of the cyclops aperture. It is, in fact, possible to remove a cyclops magnifier with a butane torch and razor blade in less than 10 … Read More