Swiss Watch Primer

Swb_lg_primerebook The Swiss Watch Primer is a great introduction to the fascinating world of Swiss watches, the perfect  fusion of art, technical innovation, and precise craftsmanship.

Written by the owner of Swiss Watch Boutique LLC, Jason Fox, this e-book is jam-packed with useful information and photos.

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Learn about:

  • Buying a watch safely on eBay
  • Caring for your watch
  • Swiss watchmakers like Rolex and Omega
  • Common watch myths
  • Fun facts and watch trivia
  • The best watch books, Web sites, and blogs
  • The essential glossary terms to help you navigate the world of Swiss watches
  • Why Swiss watches are considered the gold standard in the industry
  • Whether watches are really waterproof
  • How to store your watch properly
  • How Swatch brought the Swiss watch industry back from the brink of bankruptcy
  • What not to do when caring for your watch
  • The top trends in the industry in 2008
  • Why an inexpensive watch keeps better time than an expensive watch
  • Why it’s hard to tell whether a watch is counterfeit or fake
  • What to look for when buying a watch
  • What is the most expensive watch in the world
  • What’s James Bond’s love affair with Swiss watches
  • … and much more!

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  • Not available anywhere else
  • Fully printable
  • 49 pages long
  • Retails for $9.88
  • Special introductory price of just $9.88 $4.88!