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Baselworld 2015: Swatch to Reveal 5 More Variants of Revolutionary Sistem51

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The most talked about watch at Baselworld 2013, the Swatch Sistem51, is now going to be offered in five new variants. The revolutionary mechanical watch is made of just 51 parts but the first edition struck us as a little … Read More

Swatch to Launch Smartwatch to Challenge Apple (Good Luck)

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The world’s most important watchmaker, the Swatch Group, announced this week that it will be wading into the smartwatch game after all. If Swatch expects to have a competitive product, it’s already off on the right foot. First, the CEO, Nick … Read More

Swiss National Bank Move Rocks Country’s Watchmakers

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The Swiss National Bank’s decision Thursday to let the the Swiss currency float freely against the Euro has stunned watchmakers across the country. The likely short-term impact is rising Swiss watch prices as the Franc strengthens against the Euro. Since … Read More

Rewind 2014: Our 6th Annual Look at the Best of Swiss Watch Wire

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Thank you for being part of the Swiss Watch Wire community and helping to make it a great year with record unique visitors and page views to the site. As the New Year rings in, let’s take a quick look at … Read More

Top TAG Heuer, Hublot Executive: Apple Watch Has ‘No Sex Appeal’ and Is ‘Too Feminine’

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Apple’s new smartwatch looks “too feminine” says Jean-Claude Biver who heads up power Swiss brands like TAG Heuer, Zenith, and Hublot. In an interview with the German national newspaper Die Welt he also criticized the watch for having “no sex appeal” … Read More

Why are Swiss Watches Prized?

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Swiss watches are at the peak of the industry. Why? Because almost every important innovation in wristwatch technology was born in Switzerland, including the first water-proof watch, the first chronograph, the first automatic, the first quartz watch, the first featuring … Read More

Swatch’s Revolutionary Sistem51 Hits Retail Shelves in Switzerland

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In was the most talked about story at Baselworld 2013. Now, after missing their own October 2013 release date, Swatch’s Sistem51 is finally hitting retail shelves in Switzerland for approximately $165 USD. In addition to the blue (ref. SUTS401) previously unveiled, … Read More

Rewind 2013: Our 5th Annual Look at the Best of Swiss Watch Wire

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With 2014 just around the corner, it’s time to take stock of what was hot on Swiss Watch Wire in 2013. Here are our picks and your favorites from this year. Your Picks: Swatch’s Sistem51 Blows Away Baselworld The Most Important … Read More

Swatch Group Ruling Spurs Rivals to Snap Up Movement Makers

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The Swatch Group owns some of the most iconic brands in the industry, including Omega. But it also currently supplies 60 percent of the movements used by the rest of the Swiss watchmaking industry. That’s about to change. Switzerland’s competition … Read More

Does the Rise of Smartwatches Mean a Repeat of the Swiss Quartz Crisis?

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In the 1970s and 1980s, the Japan-led push into quartz watch technology nearly put the Swiss watch industry out of business. Slow to respond, Swiss timekeepers were on their knees by the time they did; in the meantime, hundreds of … Read More