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How to Store a Swiss Dive Watch Properly

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If you plan on storing your Swiss dive watch for an extended period, like the IWC Aquatimer above, make sure to tighten the crown first. This will keep out any moisture or dust that might be in the air, and … Read More

Why are Swiss Watches Prized?

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Swiss watches are at the peak of the industry. Why? Because almost every important innovation in wristwatch technology was born in Switzerland, including the first water-proof watch, the first chronograph, the first automatic, the first quartz watch, the first featuring … Read More

Swiss Chronometer Watches and the COSC

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A chronometer refers to a very select group of watches tested and certified to meet certain precision standards. The Swiss Official Chronometer Testing Institute (COSC), founded in 1973, is the official testing agency for Swiss manufacturers seeking this prestigious designation. … Read More

The 5 Most Powerful People in the Swiss Watch Industry for 2013

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Who are the movers and shakers that drive the Swiss Watch industry forward? There are probably 20 contenders but here’s our picks for the five most powerful players right now. Each one will play a leading role in shaping the … Read More

Which Swiss Watch Brand Is Most Overrated? Vote!

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We’ve talked a lot about watches over in 2012. Now it’s your turn to weigh in. Which Swiss Watch brand is the most overrated? If you choose “Other,” please take a moment to comment on which brand is most overrated … Read More

Analyst: Fall of China Political Star Might Signal Trouble for Swiss Watches

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Some China watchers suspect that the highly publicized ouster of flashy politician Bo Xilai (above right) and the murder charge against his charismatic wife, Gu Kailai (above left), known for her taste for finer things could mean the appetite for luxury … Read More

China’s Challenges Pose Risks for Swiss Watchmakers

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Canada’s Globe and Mail recently speculated that the ravenous appetite for luxury goods like Swiss watches may be on the decline. China, the world’s third largest importer of Swiss watches, faces a crackdown on conspicuous consumption, corruption, as well as growing economic … Read More

IWC Opens Big Apple Flagship, Honors Ali

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On April 25th, Swiss luxury watch manufacturer IWC opened the doors to its first boutique store in the United States. The Manhattan-based Madison Avenue flagship is the largest IWC store in the world.  “The opening of this flagship boutique in New … Read More

A Short History of Watches

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The first watches can be tracked to around 1524. These early watches were powered by a series of weights. Most of these early timepieces were notoriously inaccurate and only had one hand that had to be wound at least twice … Read More

Swiss Watch Brands’ ‘Digital IQ’ Ranked

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In our previous post, we cited the first-ever Digital IQ Index for watches & jewelry companies. Today, we are going to reveal the highlights of the rankings. The highest scoring Swiss watch brand overall was Jaeger-LeCoultre at #3 overall with … Read More