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From Jakarta to Geneva: Lucius & Ki Blend Indonesian Woodwork with Swiss Watch Movements

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Lucius & Ki, a small Indonesian brand based in Jakarta, has made a name for itself as one of the more unusual boutique watchmakers on the planet. The dials are made of tropical wood sourced from Sumatra and the watches … Read More

How the Swatch Group Dominates the Swiss Watch Industry

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While we may like to imagine a Swiss watchmaker fusing art and engineering together in the rare air of an Alpine village with a mountain view, that reality is long gone. These days one firm lords over all others: the … Read More

Blancier Grand Cru Mixes German Watch with Swiss Espresso

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We’re huge fans Nespresso and can’t believe how good the espresso drinks are that come out of the diminutive Swiss-made machines. Now German watchmaker Blancier is serving up mechanical timepieces with recycled Nespresso espresso capsules in what might be the first … Read More

An Officine Autodromo Watch Is Like an Italian Racing Car with a Swiss Motor

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  Officine Autodromo has released a set of self-described “motoring watches” sure to please the Italian car enthusiast with a taste for a little Swiss engineering. Each model is inspired by Italian racing cars from the glory years of the … Read More

Inside Fortress Rolex

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WatchTime Magazine has scored an amazing exclusive. Editor Joe Thompson and Senior Editor Norma Buchanan recently became the first journalists ever to set foot in the Rolex movement manufacturing complex in Bienne, Switzerland. The whole story (June 2010) is well … Read More

Tissot: Swiss Watch Innovator

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Tissot is often considered, dollar for dollar, the best value Swiss watch on the market. The company was founded in 1853 and has been responsible for introducing many important innovations over the years, including the first anti-magnetic watch, the first … Read More

OMEGA Watches, the Speedmaster, and Space Exploration

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No watch brand is more closely associated with space exploration and space “firsts’ than Omega. 1964 NASA purchases several commercially available watches for evaluation as potential candidates for space travel. Among the brands tested are Hamilton, Longines, Rolex, Breitling, Bulova, … Read More

The Essential Rolex

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Few brand names are more iconic or better known than Rolex. This guide will describe some of the “firsts” that have made Rolex synonymous with watchmaking excellence. Founded in 1905, Rolex is credited by some as inventing the modern wristwatch. … Read More