Bremont A1 Is World’s First Mechanical ‘Smart’ Watch

Bremont A1 WatchOne of the more interesting launches at Baselworld 2014 was the Bremont A1, which Bremont is hailing as the the first ever mechanical smart watch. The A1 aims to fuse the finest in traditional Swiss mechanical watchmaking with the technology of today’s smart watches.

The watch features up-to-date weather and barometer alerts via an actual print-out on a ticker tape controlled by a simple twist of the crown. The watch can also measure blood pressure with a fully-integrated sphygmomanometer. There's also "music on the go" capability with storage for three songs.

To accommodate this functionality, the case is very tall so if you don't like attention or have a habit of desk diving with your current timepiece, you'll want to wear this only for very special occasions.

fully-integrated sphygmomanometer

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  1. Johnson Jacobs

    This Bremont should be renamed the world’s first dumb watch. Anyone idiotic to want to wear a skyscraper on their wrist can step right up because Bremont has made the perfect watch for them.

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