Bremont to Fly High with Boeing

Boeing Plane

A small British watch company, Bremont, has landed a huge partnership with Boeing, the world's leading aviation company. Together they will develop a new line of Swiss-made mechanical chronometer watches that feature Boeing materials, such as super hardened steel, aerogels, and unusual composite materials.

There are also plans for a limited edition series featuring airplane parts in celebration of Boeing's 2016 centennial.

"We are excited to combine our award-winning experience in mechanical watch manufacture and design with Boeing's unrivaled experience in material technology. We have had a relationship with Boeing for a number of years through our military projects, but this partnership gives us further access to material and testing facilities that cannot be matched. No other aviation company has such an extensive and prestigious heritage, and it will be a joy to work with Boeing to celebrate this," says Nick English, Co-Founder of Bremont.

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