Tighter ‘Swiss Made’ Rules for Watches Passes Final Hurdle to Become Law

Swiss Flag with Matterhorn

On June 21st, the Swiss parliament voted to tighten criteria around products labeled "Swiss-made," which ends a six-year-long protracted fight and handing the country's largest watchmakers, like the Swatch Group, a big victory.

The new rules mean watches stamped "Made in Switzerland" must have at least 60 percent of its raw materials from Switzerland. The previous rules, which had been in effect since 1971, only referred to watch's movement; the new rules affect the entire watch, including cases, bracelets, hands, covers, and dials.

Smaller watchmakers, such as Mondaine, say the restrictions are too tight and may drive them to produce watches in China or out of business all together. But large manufacturer's counter that it will encourage more production in Switzerland and increase consumer trust in the products.

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  1. David

    I am still not sure on how this is going to change the way things are done in Switzerland? All this means is that a Swiss company can simple send its raw resources to China, or a Chinese company can source its raw materials from Switzerland before manufacture. …Yawn!
    Or, on the other hand, a Swiss watch company can buy Chinese raw materials and call them “Swiss” then still make their watch or watch parts in China. After all, Switzerland has no natural resources of its own, so it has to import almost everything anyway, and that is the how Swiss watch companies will always be able to get around this new ruling.

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