The Most Important New Watch in 30 Years: Inside Swatch’s Revolutionary Sistem51

Swatch Sistem 51

We've previously reported on Swatch's amazing Sistem51 watch that become one of the most talked about innovations at Baselworld 2013. What is it about the movement exactly that makes it so special that the Swatch Group has filed 17 patents against it? Let's take a closer look.

First, it's 100 percent Swiss made. Current so-called Swiss-made watches generally only have to be 60 percent "Swiss made" to qualify for that label. 

Second, it features only 51 components, which is incredible given that many run-of-the-mill automatic watches have 200-300 components or more.

Third, the power reserve is 90 hours. That's longer than some watches costing tens of thousands of dollars.

Fourth, the Sistem51 is incredibly accurate that Swatch says it will approach chronometer-certified accuracy.

Fifth, assembly takes place on a fully automated manufacturing line; the watches are entirely robot assembled.

Sixth, the watch's movement is so revolutionary that there's talk that it will be applied to other manufacturing processes beyond the watch industry. Hence the patent applications.

Seventh, the movement is made up of 51 components that form 5 modules welded into a single unit held together by a single screw.

Finally, the new Sistem51 is expected to be priced similarly to a normally affordable Swatch watch. In the US, that means about $135. The watch will debut in October of 2013.

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