Swatch’s Sistem51 Blows Away Baselworld

Swatch System 51

Swatch CEO Nick Hayek stunned Baselworld Thursday with the introduction of the revolutionary Swatch Sistem51 [also referred to as System 51]. As the name implies, the automatic movement, developed by ETA and Nivarox, is made of just 51 parts and features a power reserve of 90 hours. Sistem51’s components are welded together to form a single assembly centered on a single screw.

The movement is made of ARCAP, an alloy of copper, nickel, and zinc, which is highly anti-magnetic.

Hayek says Sistem51 will be entirely assembled by robots and completely sourced in Switzerland making it truly a 100 percent Swiss-made timepiece. The price isn't set yet but is thought to be in the $135 USD range. The watch will debut in October of 2013.

Would you buy one?

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  1. Swatch’s System 51 Blows Away Baselworld:
    Swatch CEO Nick Hayek stunned Baselworld Thursday with the introduc… link to

  2. Kyle Watkins

    That’s an extraordinary engineering achivement at a very compelling price point. Congratulations to the entire Swatch Group team that worked on the development. Hats off!

  3. Karl Darrall

    The 51 is cool, so little parts, but that Ressence type 3 is off the charts cool !

  4. Chronometrie

    @swisswatch spelling mistakes in title and throughout article. It is #Sistem51

  5. Swiss Watch Wire

    I checked with Swatch and although Sistem is Turkish for System, you are correct that the formal name is Sistem51 – thank you

  6. Stuart

    I think I have found my new favorite watch info sight.
    And congratulations to Swatch for pushing the envelope, making an affordable time piece that is interesting mechanically. I love functionality and a 90 hour power reserve for under $200 is something interesting. I really hope this watch comes out and the movement itself will be in other pieces.

  7. would any body know where i
    may buy the new sistem 51? watch world said the 51 should
    be out in Oct.,

  8. Ayouni Said

    Wonderful revolution. My Tunisian freind from Kairouan hwo’is working at Swatch holding informed me today about the new System 51. I thank you a lot for your continuous innovation..

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  10. orlando

    is the system 51 out for sale yet

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  12. aq.h.riege,watchretailer

    In 1982/83 I read about the Swatch (Neue Uhrmacherzeitung). Then iI asked our general watch -agent i Norway, ” have You heard about the new watch” .
    In Christmas this year, i think we were the first in Norway selling this brand. Now i am retired, but i follow what happens. I think sistem51 is one of the most interesting, what have happened in the watch history.
    At the same time Certina DS power 80, is also interesting.
    Yours Oeyvin Riege, watch -maker and former dealer.

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