The Most Important Swiss Watch Ever Made Turns 30

Swatch Lacquered Watch

This month marks the 30th birthday of the most Swiss watch ever made: the Swatch watch. It may be hard to believe now but the launch of the Swatch was the equivalent of a hail-mary from an industry on its knees, one that had been unable to effectively respond to the quartz and digital revolution led by Japan.

The Swatch was radically different than anything that came before it. It was simple, thin, stylish, and colorful. And it took the world by storm.

Before long, Swatch stores could be found on the best streets in the world, artists clamored to partner with the company, and the emerging action and lifestyle sports, like surfing, snowboarding, and mountain biking, became synonymous with their hip watch sponsor. 

This combination of marketing and manufacturing prowess, quarterbacked by the brilliant visionary Nicolas G. Hayek, was the key to restoring Switzerland as the leading player in the world wristwatch market. 

So happy birthday Swatch! Here's to many more...

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  1. So there is a rumor of an apple watch. How do you think an iWatch would compete with a classic watch like one of these?

  2. Swiss Watch Wire

    The Apple watch is likely to be part of the wearable, embeddable technology trend that Nike, Pebble, Jawbone and others currently leading. See our post on Apple’s possible watch from a couple of weeks back. link to

  3. @blainekelley

    happy birthday #Swatch!

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  5. SWATCH is a good company in watch making industry Happy birthday

  6. chiroma oluremi

    I’m one of ur fabulous swatch customer,any discounts for ur customers this month? Meanwhile, happy birthday to SWATCH!

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