Patrick Heiniger, Former Rolex CEO, Dies at 62

Patrick Heiniger, Former Rolex CEO

Patrick Heiniger, who ran Rolex from 1992 to 2008, died in Monaco earlier this month after battling an unspecified illness.

The notoriously private Argentinean-born Heiniger is most noted for vertically integrating the company to give it control over all aspects of manufacturing and production.

His resignation in December 2008 ended 45 years of one-family rule, and led to speculation about the reasons for his departure, including his possible connection to the disgraced Bernie Madoff, a charge vehemently denied by Rolex.

Heiniger was 62.

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  1. DDavis

    Heiniger apparently invested Rolex funds into Madoff’s ponzi scheme.

  2. John Smithers

    Anytime you suddenly resign for “personal reasons” there’s more to the story. Interesting that this was never really investigated. I wonder what he died of and wonder if we will ever know.

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