Is the Swiss Watch Industry Ripe for Disruption?

Apple iWatch in works?

There's widespread speculation among analysts and journalists who follow Apple that the tech giant is on the verge of stepping into the watch market. If those rumors are correct, should the Swiss watch industry feel threatened?

Our inclination is to say no. Apple is likely to launch an intelligent and connected watch and the only major Swiss watch company with aspirations to incorporate sophisticated technology is Tissot, notably with its T-Touch line. 

The Swiss watch industry is a different beast by-and-large producing watches that on average sell for $685 US dollars. That's a different price point, a different customer, a different aspirational experience—more about the fusion of art and engineering than tech and engineering. The watch form factor is simply the easiest way to create a wearable mobile device that takes advantage of mobile computing technology such as cheap sensors, better battery life, and improved voice recognition. 

On the other hand, current "smart" watches from niche companies like Pebble probably have a lot to fear.

What do you think?

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  1. I think this will be an interesting development to watch. If Apple move into the world of watches I am not sure it will work for them. For many people size of screen is important and i-Phone and i-Pad have pretty much got it about right. Bluetooth technology although useful also has its limitations so hard to understand what Apple could offer on a watch that would be useful to users. Still they have been inventive so far and impossible to rule out.

  2. Swiss watches look great, but nowadays it’s all about mobile first and smart devices, so customers do want more from whatever they wear on their wrist or even eyewear.

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