Blancier Grand Cru Mixes German Watch with Swiss Espresso

We're huge fans Nespresso and can't believe how good the espresso drinks are that come out of the diminutive Swiss-made machines. Now German watchmaker Blancier is serving up mechanical timepieces with recycled Nespresso espresso capsules in what might be the first coffee watch.

The so-called "Grand Cru" watch has a 11 different dial colors, each hand-made from a crushed Nespresso aluminum cap. The "crushing" of the colorful capsules mean each 42 MM watch dial will have a distinctive, unique look.

The timepieces are powered by Swiss-made ETA Unitas 6748 hand-wound calibers and are visible via a see-through caseback window.

The watches themselves come packaged with three Nespresso capsules, just in case you want to have a cappuccino while you read the booklet that comes as part of the gift set. 

According to the web site, prices start around $650 USD and watches take about six weeks from ordering to delivery.

Blancier Grand Cru Watch Dials

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  1. Watchfreak

    This is about the coolest thing I’ve ever seen. My two favorite things, espresso/coffee and watches blended for the first time. I think I’m going to get myself one of those fine, fine timepieces.

  2. John Handler

    A nice idea, and something to reduce the environmental guilt for buying Nespresso products, but $650 for this kind of watch? I don’t think so.

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