Which Swiss Watch Brand Is Most Overrated? Vote!

We've talked a lot about watches over in 2012. Now it's your turn to weigh in. Which Swiss Watch brand is the most overrated?

If you choose "Other," please take a moment to comment on which brand is most overrated in the comments section. Thanks for your feedback and don't forget to come back and check the results.

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  1. Ads with celebs are responsible for the overrating of watches.

  2. Skooter Huk

    I had a Doxa 300T, which worked for about 20 years before the luminous paint began flaking off, one of the hands came loose and began swinging around, etc. It never kept accurate time and the self winding mechanism never worked. Fortunately, the watch did feature a manual wind up, so it did function. It had a rugged crystal and housing, survived lots of swimming and diving, though the original bracelet didn’t last very long before falling apart. The aesthetic was more of a statement than other time pieces available at the time. I must admit I was surprised when I recently saw how the price of these items have gone hyperbolic. It makes no sense to me. I am currently happy with my solar powered watch. No batteries. Accurate within a second a month. Beautiful and rugged. I would have purchased another Doxa if it hadn’t become an overrated status symbol. :-P

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