Swiss Watches Shut Out of US Presidential Race

Jorg Gray 6500

Neither the President or his challenger are sporting Swiss watches in this year's presidential contest.

The incumbent, Barack Obama, prefers a Jorg Gray 6500 (pictured above), powered by a Citizen movement famously given to him on his birthday by the Secret Service.

The obscure watchmaker has since rocketed to fame with arguably the world's most famous person as a client.

The challenger, Mitt Romney, generally sports a Seiko Windward or a Nixon Private (see below).

While Obama and Romney don't share a lot in common, all three of their mainstay watches are Japanese quartz watches.

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  1. I expect both men have sufficient about which to worry than whether they are wearing Swiss watches. Both watches above look nice, but are obviously at the cheaper end of the range.

    Maybe someone could pay Obama to become the “watch ambassador” for a Swiss watch company or, better still, give him a Swiss watch on the undertaking to vacate his office.

  2. BF

    Well Romney only rocks the Nixon bc his gold rolex makes him look bad.

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