Hublot Chairman: ‘Swiss Watch Industry Has No Competition’

Hublot Chairman Jean-Claude Biver told Reuters Wednesday that US sales were going to be a key driver of revenue going forward.

"The country is important," Biver said. "You cannot underestimate America. It's underdeveloped. We have not reached the (full) potential."

The brand was founded in 1980 and is renowned for its distinctive design, highly decorated dials, and iconic rubber straps.

While acknowledging a slowing of growth industry wide, Biver said luxury watches like Hublot's were relatively insulated from a pullback in spending, given their scarcity.

"The Swiss watch industry has no competition," Biver said. "Nobody will buy a $10,000 watch if it's not Swiss made."

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  1. malingerer

    the problem is the ‘need’ to purchase a $10,000 watch has diminished.. especially when there’s marginal value (and constructive cost) difference between a $500 model and one that retails for $10,000. Add in a rare metal and then there may be reason to pay more, but without that, no.

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