What Is a Hidden Deployment Clasp?

Movado Hidden Deployment Clasp

You may have seen or heard the term "hidden deployment clasp" in reference to a watch and wondered what the heck that means. You wouldn't be the first.

Also known as a push button or butterfly clasp, it's the link in the middle that brings together both ends of a bracelet. It's considered aesthetically pleasing because a hidden deployment clasp is virtually invisible when worn. 

To release the clasp, you simultaneously depress the two buttons on either side of the bracelet. 

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  1. Henry Krauss

    I need to find a hidden clasp for my Girrard Perragaux watch which was my grandfathers, he bought it in Grand Cayman in December of 1990. I have tried several places to have it repaired but with no luck.
    So now I need to find a Jubilee butterfly clasp 19mm

    thank you

    Henry G Krauss

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