Ulysse Nardin Blows Away Baselworld with New Chairman Phone

We've come to think of Ulysee Nardin as a Swiss watchmaker with a rich heritage of creating innovative timepieces. Now they are becoming known for something else. With the latest Chairman smartphone introductions, Ulysee Nardin has produced a show-stopper that had Baselworld 2012 visitors marveling over its stunning design and sleek interface.

Produced in collaboration with Scientific Cellular Innovations, the Android-based Diamond Edition (pictured above) is the top-of-the-line version and features 3,000 diamonds, scratch resistant sapphire glass for the touch screen, see-thru rotor window, and sapphire and ceramic keys. Only 100 examples of the $130,000 Diamond Edition will be produced.

An older version of the Chairman is previewed in the video below.

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  1. John Handler

    I read somewhere they have something like they 8000 orders for these so-called chairman models. Can’t believer so many people have so much cash burning a whole in their pocket. Why not buy some outstanding timepieces instead!?

  2. Chris Hill

    This is a very special piece of kit if you are a wealthy individual who already has all of the outstanding time pieces they care for. This phone is truly unique and trust me, the craftsmanship is outstanding. I am sure 8000 orders is a modest claim. Plenty of people have the cash for such a purchase and they are buying yachts, private jets, expensive cars etc. This is just another status addition to their persona.

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