National Council: Watches Must Be 60% Swiss to Be ‘Swiss Made’

The National Council of Switzerland has approved a measure put forth by the Federation of the Swiss Watch Industry (FH) to make it more difficult to pass off a watch as being Swiss made.

At least 80 percent of mechanical watches and 60 percent of quartz timepiece would have to be made in Switzerland to qualify for the new label (up from 50 percent for either type of watch now). The Council of States still has to vote on the measure for it to become law.

The “Swiss made” issue has become a controversial one in the Swiss watch industry. It's been criticized for years by many in the Swiss watch industry as being too lax. But some watch manufacturers, such as Mondaine, have said the move only benefits Switzerland's biggest watchmakers who can easily absorb the costs of more expensive watch components; smaller firms, on the other hand, might be forced to raise prices or even close.

According to the current Swiss law, a Swiss-made watch means that at least 50 percent of the parts are Swiss made and that the assembly, finishing, and final inspection occurs in Switzerland.

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  1. Did’nt I read somewhere that Seiko/Citizen are to build watch components in Switzerland? So surely this will help the smaller factories! I assume they are going there in response to ETA cutting their output so to cash in on this?

  2. Swiss Watch Wire

    Yes I think that’s right. There are a couple of smaller Swiss watch component makers that will be in demand. And of course, we will see a lot more in-house movements being developed, which isn’t a bad thing.

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