Third Annual Best of Swiss Watch Wire: 2011 Edition

As we look forward to an exciting new year, it's time once again to see which posts you liked, as well as our own personal favorites from 2011. Here are the top 5 Editor's Picks and top 5 Reader Favorites (as measured by the number of people who read the story):

Editor's Picks:

  1. L2: Watch Brands Fail 'Digital IQ' Test
  2. Swatch Group Looks to Reduce Role as Component Supplier
  3. Zenith's Xtreme Tourbillon Gets Extreme Treatment from Amazon Reviewers
  4. Why Swiss Watches Are Becoming More Expensive
  5. Rolex Rolls Dice on Tiger Woods
Reader Favorites:
  1. Our 5 Favorite Swiss Watches from Baselworld 2011
  2. The 4 Most Unusual Swiss Watches from Baselworld 2011
  3. The 3 Big Watch Trends from Baselworld 2011
  4. Swatch Group CEO: USA Is 'Third-World' Watch Country
  5. eBay Seller Asking 30K for Rare Keith Haring Swatch Watch
As always, we welcome any questions, suggestions, and comments. Thank you for being part of the Swiss Watch Wire community and helping to make it a success. 

Editor's Note: We will be expanding our Baselworld coverage in 2012. Stay tuned.
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  1. Joe Thompson

    Keep it going in 2012. you are doing the industry a service with your work!

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