Swiss Watch Brands’ ‘Digital IQ’ Ranked

In our previous post, we cited the first-ever Digital IQ Index for watches & jewelry companies. Today, we are going to reveal the highlights of the rankings. The highest scoring Swiss watch brand overall was Jaeger-LeCoultre at #3 overall with Patek Philippe in last place at #35 overall. Any surprises?

Overall Rank
Brand Digital IQ
3. Jaeger-LeCoultre 108 Excellent social media
6. Omega 103 Strong iPad app, mobile presence
7. TAG Heuer 100 Facebook, YouTube are highlights
8. Longines 95 Best e-commerce among brands
11. Hublot 90 Innovator now resting on laurels
11. IWC 90 Good iPad app, engaged community
22. Breitling 77 Strong Facebook, weak mobile
25 Vacheron Constantin 71 Facebook fans but limited mobile
28. Rolex 64 Absent from social media
35. Patek Philippe 36 Anemic digital presence

Source: Adapted from L2 (October 2011)

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  1. Tim Karter

    This is a disgrace. When are these lead-foot luddites going to wake up and join the internet age?

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