Rolex King of Watch Advertisers, Again

As usual, Swiss watchmakers are well represented among the top watch advertisers in the US in 2010. This data, compiled by Kantar Media, reflects the strength of the Swiss watch presence in the US.

However, total spending for watch advertising, while rising 26 percent from 2009, is significantly less than the record 2007 year ($387.6 MM in 2007 vs $316.3 MM in 2010).

Despite a drop of nearly 10 percent in adverting expenditures, Rolex remains at the top of the heap followed by Breitling. Bulova has doubled its advertising budget since being taken over by Japan's Citizen in 2008.

Here's the top 10 breakdown by overall rank, Swiss rank, brand, and amount in millions spent. Any surprises?

Overall Rank Swiss Rank Brand Amount ($ millions)
1. 1. Rolex 43.43
2. 2. Breitling 24.92
3. -- Bulova 23.15
4. 3. TAG Heuer 22.77
5. -- Citizen 18.84
6. -- Cartier 16.02
7. 4. Omega 14.81
8. 5. Movado 11.09
9. -- Chanel 9.27
10. -- Seiko 6.1

Source: Adapted from WatchTime (August 2011)

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  1. Randall Johnson

    very good work on the last two posts. This is the kind of in-depth reporting of the industry that i’d like to see more of. thank you.

  2. I LOVE watches, but someone asked me why I was a little down on Rolex, Tag and a couple other brands. It’s… link to

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