The 4 Most Unusual Swiss Watches from Baselworld 2011

1. HD3 Slyde features a tactile screen that moves vertically and horizontally and time "modules" available for download.


2. Vogard Datezoner is the world's first chronograph to use a bezel to set the date and time zone; also the first chronograph to indicate daylight saving time.


3. Mira Fée Céleste features 164 diamonds and a stiking violet crodile band.


4. Hamilton Lipstick includes two timepieces housed in a case evocative of a lipstick container.


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  1. Man I love your post. Keep up the good work.

  2. Hans

    For more unusual Swiss watches, check the site of URWERK in Geneva and the shop Uhrsachen in Berne, Switzerland, who promotes independent Watchmakers,both Swiss and International. A find.

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