The Rolex Touch Takes a Box of Chocolates to a New Level

Like Tiffany's famous blue box, Rolex's green box says there's something very special inside. In the case of Rolex, that usually means a watch but not always. Around the holidays, it could be an exclusive box of chocolates as pictured below.

Like everything Rolex does, the presentation and production values are second to none. But unfortunately these chocolates are gift items from Rolex employees to important clients and partners. They can’t be purchased individually or anywhere online or offline.




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  1. Those chocolates look great! Maybe I should ask for those instead of a new watch for my birthday. :-)

  2. Jeff Barker

    Send some my way!

  3. Wow, a watch logo on the chocolates…

  4. asma

    where can i find the rolex chocolates ??’


  5. Swiss Watch Wire

    Unfortunately Rolex chocolates are gift items from Rolex employees to close Rolex clients. They can’t be purchased individually or anywhere online.

  6. Fatima

    Actually I was trying to find this chocolate long time age =)
    can I ask from where I can get them?

  7. Swiss Watch Wire

    Unfortunately they aren’t offered for retail. You need to be a VIP in Rolex’s world – friend or close client.

  8. AlAli

    where I can find the chocolate?

  9. Swiss Watch Wire

    You need to know someone at Rolex or do business with them, I’m afraid.

  10. khansa


    I want to buy the rolex chocolate, how can I? please it is urgent.


  11. Swiss Watch Wire

    khansa – unfortunately they aren’t available to the general public. They are reserved as gifts for Rolex’s closest business partners and friends.

  12. Lak

    I have a Rolex watch , can I have this chocolate?

  13. Sara highfield

    My husband just got some at a Rolex golf event. I’m selling them if you’re interested

  14. Zina

    I have the chocolate at home. I know the person who is the CIO . I got it as a gift.

  15. Nancy valencia

    Como hago para conseguir unos chocolates rolex

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