TAG Heuer Changes Stance on Tiger?

TAG Heuer seems to be backing away from earlier suggestions that it was putting its relationship with golfing great Tiger Woods on ice. The watchmaker initially pulled photos of Woods from its Web site after lurid details of his numerous alleged affairs surfaced. But as you can see from this screenshot we captured today at tagheuer.com, he's representing the Link line once again. Do you think TAG Heuer should stand behind Tiger Woods?


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  1. Louise Noble

    Yes I do. It is not up to companies such as TAG Heuer to play moral watchdog. Tiger has helped them sell watches in the past and will continue to do so to a public who, in the end, really do not care. Business as usual!

  2. John Jenkins

    I don’t. Tiger is a scumbag and no company should stand-by him. He’s a damaged brand and TAG Heuer would do well to end it’s association with him; I might even buy one of their products if they took this step.

  3. ryan.xandermail@yahoo.com

    wow i like it…. i’wish someday i have that…..

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