TAG Heuer Dumps Tiger as US Pitchman


Swiss watchmaker TAG Heuer said Friday that it is eliminating its advertisements in the United States featuring the golf star.

TAG Heuer CEO Jean-Christophe Babin told Swiss daily "Le Matin" that the company was responding to "recent events" surrounding the golfer.

"We recognize Tiger Woods as a great sportsman but we have to take account of the sensitivity of some consumers in relation to recent events," Babin was quoted telling the newspaper.

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  1. John Franks

    Tiger is a loser. Tag Heuer can do better than this has been golfer who’s best days are clearly behind him.

  2. In endorsement advertising, image is everything and what he got paid for. The interesting question is will his Tag Link watches become more or less valuable now? Only “time” will tell!

  3. Swiss Watch Boutique

    Hard to say what the Tiger effect will be but we do know that Tag Heuer watches don’t hold their resale value as well as other perceived fine timepieces primarily because they are mass produced and use common movements–despite their acknowledged leading-edge designs.

  4. I agree with on the resale value, I believe this has a large part to do with the gray market discounting and brick and mortar occasional heavy discounts. The brands that monitor their AD’s and control gray market influxes hold much better resale value. The question about Tiger’s watches going up or down in value would be from the true resale value of today’s market vs the future.

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