Small Swiss Watchmakers Face Tough Times

The worldwide economic recession has hit small independent watchmakers in Switzerland especially hard as cash-strapped retailers can no longer afford to carry little known brands.

According to the New York Times, some companies may not survive without a drastic shift in business practices, such as selling their watches directly to consumers, cutting production, and introducing new models to generate much needed market buzz.

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  1. Ron

    Very interesting examination of the business behind the industry. It’ll be interesting to see if the industry can adapt to this new economic era.

  2. Combine this with the Swatch group stopping selling ebauche movement in 2010 and it will be even tougher. Most of these small Swiss made watch companies rely on ETA, Valjoux, and others from Swatch. The market will certainly tighten up.

  3. Articles that have quality information like this are as precious as gold. You have given me much to think about in this article. Thank you.

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