BusinessWeek: Rolex Still a Powerhouse Brand


Despite the global slump in Swiss watch sales, and luxury items in general, Rolex is still a powerhouse, according to BusinessWeek's annual survey of the top global brands. This year Rolex is rated #68 worldwide, which is up from #71 last year, despite the brand being valued at $4.6 billion in 2009 compared to $4.9 billion in 2008.

Other luxury brands to make the top 100 include Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Herm├Ęs, Tiffany & Co., Cartier, Prada, Burberry, and Armani. Of these, only Gucci and Cartier are significant players in the Swiss watch market.

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  1. Ya, rolex is still ace but Tag Heuer and Omega are hitting it hard.

  2. Rolex is still become an inspiration for its lover

  3. Rolex will always be at the top lebel no doubt about that.
    Owning a Rolex is like the ultimate status symbol, for rolex watches come at a very steep price, usually outside the income levels of many people. Rolexes come with an air of extravagance and class that very few luxuries offer. Purchasing a Rolex is like buying a piece of history.Rolex watches are always in high demand. If you want to sell Rolex watch make sure to sell it to the right buyer that fast, safe, and for a price that will make you happy.

  4. I feel that the Rolex biz is still on top. Though there are lots of brands challenging the throne, they are still holding to it tightly. Just check out other countries and Rolex is still the main watch on their minds.

  5. Rolex is a pride of Swiss people.

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