The Best of Baselworld 2009

Baselworld is the premiere watch show held every year in Geneva. Sort of the equivalent of the top three or four auto shows all put together, in terms of the importance of new product introductions and industry news. Speaking of which, there's never a shortage of cool new watches being introduced, like the TAG Heuer 40th Anniversary Edition of the Monaco featured below. As usual, TimeZone's Jorge Merino does a terrific job covering all the latest and greatest from Baselworld.


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  1. Neil Borgdard

    Not a big fan of that variation of the Monaco. Tag is getting a little away from its roots there. It should focus on evolving that model, not trying to pretty it up with bizarre color combinations. I say a big thumbs down on this design.

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  6. I am amazed about how important watches are for many people around the world. In fact, I didn’t expect it to be that way.

  7. holy mother of God!!! what a amazing watch, and more amazing it’s the price, $4,335, for someone this is a ridiculos price for this architecture jewel, well and why not there others that price overpass the $100,000.

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