Rolex Sponsors Launch

There's a lot of buzz this week about the launch of, the iconic magazine turned must-see website. One of the things that caught our eye is Rolex's exclusive sponsorship of the site, which includes an elegant animation of a Rolex Day-Date in gold, reflecting the current date and time. The ad appears on all the pages, except search. One of the coolest features of the Rolex campaign is that the watch displays the current time, no matter what timezone you are in. So score one each for and Rolex who show the way on how to successfully blend two legendary brands.


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  1. Patrick Linnear

    This is a great bit of information. I loved Life as a magazine and now that it is back and with a Rolex tie-in to boot, this is really just wonderful. Two of my favorite brands in the same place. Splendid stuff.

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