Swiss Watchmakers and Inventors Hall of Fame

Philippe The Federation of the Swiss Watch Industry FH has put together an interesting interactive called the Watchmakers and Inventors Hall of Fame. Some of the names are familiar, such as Adriene Philippe (pictured left), founder of the Patek Philippe; some not so much (German mathematician Friedrich-Wilhelm Bessel). Here's how they set the feature up:

Physicists, astronomers, architects, geometricians, mathematicians, time-keepers, watchmakers: these are just some of the interested people who, through the years, have displayed a passion for the measurement of time. Their research has led to major discoveries and inventions that are still relevant today. Whether physical or geometrical theories, natural laws or mechanical applications, their fundamental contributions have all made it possible to measure time with greater precision, to create timepieces to ever higher specifications while allowing aesthetic qualities to become more refined, and even to design increasingly efficient and modern production methods.

> Check out the Watchmakers and Inventors Hall of Fame

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