Autoblog’s Top 10 Car Watches


It probably won't surprise anyone to learn that people who like watches also tend to be car enthusiasts.

With that in mind, the editors of the outstanding Autoblog put together a list of the Top 10 Car Watches.

Some familiar Swiss watch companies, such as Tag Heuer (pictured) and Rolex are represented, but you'll never guess who landed in the number one spot.

Categories: Rolex, Swiss Watch Tips & Trivia, TAG Heuer, Watch & Cars.

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  1. Jake Fischer

    nice list! love that tag heuer carerra

  2. Hi,
    I was just surfing around and came across your scans.
    Thanks, I appreciate it. I have this model as well as two
    other Le Jour chronographs and have considered them to be
    of excellent value. This link may shed some light on the source

    of some of Le Jour’s
    watches. At least this article states that this model was
    made by Heuer and is identical to the Heuer Pasadena. I
    also have seen Yema models that were identical to Le Jour
    and even shared the same name. Hope this helps. Thanks
    again for the scans.

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  4. Swiss watches are top watches. I’m sure that everybody like all of top 10 car watches.

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