Swiss Companies Dominate US Advertising Market for Watches

Swiss watchmakers once again dominated the list of watch advertisers in the US in 2007. This data, compiled by TNS Media Intelligence, reflects the strength of the Swiss watch market in the US. Just five years ago only two companies spent more than $10 million (Rolex, Citizen).

Overall, $387.6 million was spent on watch advertising in 2007, a 17 percent increase over the previous year. Cartier was the biggest mover doubling its advertising budget from 2006.

Here's the top 10 breakdown by country origin and amount in millions spent:

  1. Rolex (Swiss) - $47.1
  2. Breitling (Swiss) - $27.1
  3. Tag Heuer (Swiss) - $24.7
  4. Citizen (Japanese) - $19.9
  5. Movado (Swiss) - $15.9
  6. Cartier (Swiss) - $15.0
  7. Seiko (Japanese) - $11.0
  8. Timex (US) - $10.2
  9. ESQ (Swiss) - $9.4
  10. Omega (Swiss) - $9.3

Any surprises?

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  1. Jay Wells

    i’m surprised that omega is higher. i always think of omega as a solid #2 behind rolex.

  2. Jay, Omega fell from #6 to #10 this year. It was less a question of Omega spending less than the other guys spending more. Maybe Omega spent too much with the James Bond tie-in the year before.

    Jason Fox
    Swiss Watch Boutique LLC

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