Could Weak Currency Slow Swiss Watch Boom?

It wasn’t so long ago that the US dollar was on parity with the Euro. But these days the Euro is worth about $1.55 for every US dollar. That’s had a big impact on the price of Swiss watches, which have been trending rapidly north in recent months. Tissot, for example, has implemented three price changes upward in the last year and some Swatches are retailing now for more than $200.

You think this will mean an end to the Swiss watch boom in the US?

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Comments (2)

  1. In combination with the poor U.S. Economy, yes, certainly. Internet discussion seems to point towards what were previously very desirable watches sitting in shop windows for much more time than they would have several months ago. The Swiss watch industry is still doing well but not because of U.S. growth

  2. Jake Fischer

    Not for the lower end watches but higher end, you bet! Who can afford those anyway and now with currency problems, forget about it.

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