Red Hot Watch: Rolex Milgauss Selling for 100%+ Premium

rolex milgauss watch 2

The new Rolex Milgauss is one super-hot watch. Released in 2007, the model, which retails for $6,400 US, is hard to come by from any venue so it's not unusual to see it sell at a premium. But what's really striking in this case is that the premium is reaching 100 percent or more. In fact, we've seen the watch sell for as much as $18,000 online.
So what does Rolex think about all this? While publically they don't approve, you've got to think that the sense of exclusivity generated by these sale prices of more than 100% above retail suits Rolex's marketing strategy and exclusive image posture. The Swiss watch icon is also famous for producing less supply than demand ensuring that their watches will always be sought after.

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  1. I really wasn’t crazy about the Milgauss when Rolex first released it, but it’s really grown on me. The green glass version is stunning…

  2. No doubt Rolex Milgauss is selling like a hot cake. I like the elegant style and quality if this new Rolex Watch.

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