Swiss Army Opens New North American Headquarters

The new North American corporate headquarters of Victorinox Swiss Army, Inc. was officially opened Oct. 1 in Monroe, Conn. The facility, which has some 200 employees, is both the official North American headquarters and the official distribution center of Victorinox Swiss Army timepieces, multi-tools, and men’s and women’s apparel. It's also a timepiece and multi-tool repair center.

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  1. For more informations (specifications & pics) about Victorinox Swiss Army (but not to buy one) go to link to

  2. Marjorie Dwyer

    I love my Swiss Army watch but the metal band has broken. the watch repair man said it can only be fixed with a leather strap which I don’t care for. (Plus it wouldn’t look right.) Can the company fix it? How much would it cost? HELP!

    Thanking you in advance,
    Marj Dwyer

  3. Michael

    I own Swiss Army watch model 24506. A jeweler could not repair it – something is wrong with the stem. Can I send it to you for repair? I’ve had it since 2004.

  4. Rick Chappelle

    I have a SWISS ARMY watch (Basic). I had the battery replaced but the jeweler said that wasn’t the problem but couldn’t tell me “WHAT” was wrong with it. He suggested I return it to SWISS to have it looked at. Can you please tell me what I can do to have my watch fixed by SWISS so I can wear it again???

  5. Paul

    I also have Swiss Army watch model 24506, and I found out it runs with two batteries. Even one of the batteries is taken out, the watch is still running well. So I am curious what this battery for. Is it a spare battery?

    Thank you,

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