OJ’s ‘Swiss Watch’ Is Fake Rolex

Disgraced former gridiron football star and Hollywood celebrity OJ Simpson had his watch seized by a court order, only for it to be judged worthless and returned, according to news reports Saturday.

After his criminal acquittal in the 1994 murders of his ex-wife and her acquaintance in Los Angles, Simpson was sued in civil court and found liable for their stabbing deaths.

As part of a civil court judgement against him, the watch, thought to be worth $22,000, was to be given to the Goldman family.

But David Cook, the family's lawyer, said he had a suspicion about the Rolex Submariner's authenticity when he passed through airport security after collecting it and the metal detector did not go off. He took the timepiece to a jeweller who confirmed his suspicions.

"It was made by the finest craftsmen in China," he told the Los Angeles Times. "It's a people's Rolex." rel="lightbox1155"

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